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How do you test for Honesty & Integrity when team building ?

How can you easily pressure test for Leadership & Management potential ?


As a designer (http://www.antheanelson.com) I’ve had to learn the perils & complexity of leadership + management.

Seeking information and guidance via NLP and other assorted management psychology resources ... & then I read ‘The 90-Minute Manager - Lessons from the sharp end of management’ by David Bolchover & Chris Brady.

Football management is the perfect analogy to my industry...results / pressure / collective teamwork / time etc and the links on this site explore the idea further.

The Game has been developed as a device for multiple uses:

Recruiting a team can be precarious in an industry with such informal processes.

We rarely have HR departments and psychometric testing is unheard of for freelance workers...but what if we tried a real-time antidote ?

  1. *How can you test for Honesty & Integrity and ensure you build a team with the same

  core Values & Principles ?

* How can you pressure test & recruit for Leadership & Management potential ?

The structure & aim of ‘the beautiful game’ is universal...What if you explored this as a foundation to test for other attributes & created a better workplace culture ? 

Serious + Playful

Ü-Manager - The Game began.

With an introduction to ‘Kaizen’ there is more to come...




Ü-manager - The Game

Playing games to learn + evolve + fun !!